About me

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I’m a curious person, a tinkerer. I want to know how things work, and why. I made my first website after a friend showed me the basics of HTML/CSS, and I couldn't resist learning more. I’ve also made lamps, backpacks, concrete disco balls, a canoe made of plastic bags, one-of-a-kind vinyl records, hand-processed 16mm films, and lots of music. It sounds like it’s all over the map (okay, fine, maybe it is) but it’s how I learn about the world and make meaningful connections with people.

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People may assume my arts background led straight to a design career, but I think my journey to UX truly began with teaching. Designing and iterating on a curriculum, soliciting feedback from students, creating learning aids across different media -- it's very much a human-centered design process.

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I approach digital products with the same curiosity that motivates me as an artist and educator. I’m attracted to the underlying questions of strategy and product thinking that can make a design meaningful and purposeful.Β 

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I think of myself as a design generalist -- a systems thinker, communicator, and problem solver. Sure, I'm proud of my Figma chops, but I consider my communication skills my most valuable asset. I'm an advocate for the value of the human-centered design process, and for the needs of the people who use the products I design.Β 

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Outside of work, I play cello, cook and ferment whatever's in season, ride my bike, and hike to locations near and far. I live in Brooklyn with my partner and just the right number of houseplants.



Product Designer
2019 - Present

Prime Digital Academy

UX Design Student

Jenny Lion Studio

Film Editor


Faculty, Media Arts
2014 - 2017

University of MN

Faculty, Media Arts
2009 - 2011 / 2016 - 2017


2003 - Present